Our History

The DTACT System was established in 1978 by Larry Sloan (Goju Ryu Karate), Dan Rideaux (Chinese Sanda), and Jim Power (Shotokan Karate) after all three became students of Professor Remy A. Presas (Modern Arnis) in 1976 at Jerry Greathouse's martial arts school in Fresno, California.  The Professor put on regular seminars and classes at the Greathouse school while living in California.

In 1978, after two years of working with the Professor, we developed the DTACT course for law enforcement and security. In the mid 70's, martial arts were on the rise in the US, and it was quickly becoming a threat to law enforcement. We began putting on debugging seminars for agents and officers, teaching them how to optimize the techniques taught at the academy and adding new tools to their arsenal of defensive tactics and control techniques.  We worked with CHiPs officers, sheriff's and local police officers in the seminars.

At that time, the Professor did not teach a 'stand alone' system of Modern Arnis and  encouraged his students to integrate Modern Arnis into their respective systems. It was to this end that the DTACTUSA System came into being. It is a mixture of the systems of the founders, with the Professor's Modern Arnis becoming the basis of a system developed specifically for law enforcement and security agents, to optimize the officer's effectiveness and safety, with an eye on liability mitigation. This course has been taught continuously for over four decades.