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American Arnis Association


1121 6th Street, Nevada, Iowa 50201

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American Arnis Assn.
A blend of Filipino Martial Arts with  Okinawan, Japanese, and Chinese martial arts.

Established 1978 ~ Birthplace: Fresno CA.




Est. 1978
Founder & Principal
Kyoshi - Lawrence Sloan
Punong Guro


In Memory of
GM Remy A. Presas

(December 19, 1936 – August 28, 2001)
The founder of Modern Arnis

Remy Pic.jpg

Welcome to our website!

The American Arnis Association was founded along side of DTACTUSA in 1978, with an eye towards self defense for average citizens and to be reliable enough for law enforcement and other professionals to optimize their ability to survive, and control subjects with the minimum amount of force possible.
Leaning heavily on the Filipino martial arts, the system allows versatility in application and liability mitigation.

American Arnis allows the practitioners to move seemlessly between open-hand, impact tools, and edged weapons, and to adapt to the environment and situation at hand. In our system, the blocks are strikes and the strikes are blocks, as needed in each scenario.

This is a system that is quick to learn and easily applied, regardless of your physical condition, as the techniques are skill based rather then strength based.
Our "traditional" classes incorporate instruction in basic stances and common striking and kicking techniques. Students are taught to work within their abilities while striving to improve those abilities.
Our "seminar" classes are focused on individual, dependable techniques that are quickly learned and applied.

Students quickly learn that the techniques they use for open handed combat are almost identical to those used in impact tools, and edged tools. This makes American Arnis an effective system for self defense and controlling your attacker.

American Arnis also integrates easily with many other martial arts systems and literally, "puts more tools in the tools box."

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