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Frequently Asked Questions:
Force Multiplier ~ FM Baton Program


Can anyone learn this?

As with all DTACTUSA & VGI Tactical Conflict Resolution (TCR) programs, our techniques are skill based, not strength based. The techniques are designed incorporating anatomy, simple physics, mechanical sciences, and accumulated knowledge and tactics.

In utilizing these techniques, we take advantages of the inherent weaknesses in the human anatomy by using leverage, force focusing, and use of angles and range.


Why is it called a “force multiplier”?

Force multiplier tools are based on delivery of energy by focusing that energy into a smaller area, thus multiplying the energy (PSI) delivery. Also, by using leverage properly, we multiply our energy to overcome superior strength advantages. Force multipliers can also increase our reach, while maintaining a safe range from our opponent.

By using the term, “force multiplier tool” instead of “impact weapon” we also remove some of the negative connotations associating batons with words like ‘club, weapon, impact, strike, etc…


Is the FM Baton used as an offensive weapon?

This program is based on ‘defensive tactics and control techniques’ and is not taught as a program to attack individuals. All techniques are taught to be used as defensive reactions and/or used to control the subject.

In Level 1 & 2 response levels, the head and heart are not considered focus points for FM Baton tactics and are to be avoided.


What does the FM Baton Program entail?

Classroom discussion, individual speed and accuracy optimization, familiarity with tools, defining terms, explanation of tactics, Use of Force policies, tool retention, defense, disarming, and control techniques and drills to increase speed and accuracy.

Goal: To add to and optimize self-defense skills and introduce control techniques that include physical and operational behaviorology methods that allow for de-escalation and control over dangerous or unacceptable behaviors with non-compliant subjects.

To improve speed and accuracy and ability to process incoming information to minimize area, involvement, & duration.


What kind of references do you offer?

See Reference Section

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