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Basic ~ Defensive Tactics and Control Techniques  

A Strategic Ally of VGI Training. 

Our courses are offered exclusively through DTACTUSA, DTACTINTL, and VGI TRAINING.

These courses are designed to increase your knowledge base, add to your skill sets, clarify misconceptions, and help you stay safe. 

Military, law enforcement, security, and private individuals, all respond differently to similar situations.

The primary goal is your survival, but how you arrive at that end can be dramatically different.

The secondary goal is to stop the aggressive behavior and control the individual(s) responsible.  With the proper training, the secondary goal can be achieved without unreasonably risking the primary goal.

There are three levels of response:

Level 1: Observation/Conversation/De-escalation   

Observation may be uninvolved​ directly with the subject(s).

Level 2: Enforcement  

Enforcement Skills may involve de-escalation attempts and non-lethal self defense  and forced compliance.

Level 3: Survival          

Survival Skills may involve potentially lethal tactics that disable or eliminate                                                  physically hostile subjects.

Note: Properly trained personnel rarely have need to resort to Level 3 response.

Professionals are held to a higher standard than nonprofessionals. They are expected to be better trained, more knowledgeable, and exhibit a greater degree of restraint than private citizens.  Professionals are limited by the policies and procedures of their leadership, so training and proper response are paramount to not only ensure the safety of both the agent and subject, but also for liability management of all concerned.


The DTACT Basic course is based on applied physics, leverage, angles and simple science and anatomy, as well as proven tactics and strategies from decades of street experience and training.  The techniques are not designed to replace tried and true techniques and tactics, but rather to optimize your existing skills and give you more options to keep both you and the subject safer.


The course will familiarize you with defense against both unarmed subjects and subjects with impact or edged weapons.  It will teach you to disarm opponents and control them, using good science and survival techniques, leverage, and restraining techniques.

For more Information:
Larry Sloan ~ 515-975-7553
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