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Welcome to DTACTUSA & DTACTINTL ~ 01/18/2021

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

A Strategic Ally of VGI Training.

Our courses are offered exclusively through


DTACT techniques and tactics are easy to learn, remember, and perform, as they are skill based rather than strength based. We take advantage of science in; physics, geometry, and anatomy to defend ourselves and control non-compliant subjects.

We use behavioral sciences to avoid physical conflict and try to de-escalate non-complaint behaviors to appropriate compliance.

We incorporate tools into our efforts by using force multipliers such as; batons, kubotans, and edged weapons. We also teach defense against these same tools. Use of deadly force using firearms is another facet of VGI's Tactical Conflict Resolution, and is a level of response that DTACT tries to avoid.

As we explained, DTACTUSA allies with: Vecchi Group International and Natural Tactical Systems to form a complete system of "Talk, Fight, Shoot".

Our goal is to keep law enforcement, security, and individuals safe, while mitigating liability and minimizing injury to the subjects. You can find out more about DTACTUSA and it's partners at:


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