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International Defensive Arts Council

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A sister to the Unified Kempo Karate System organization founded by Professor Harold R. Laranang, IDAC follows the vision of Professor Laranang to unify martial artists from all disciplines, from all over the world. 

It was in Minneapolis he met with Angelito "Bobby” Bronagan, Carl De Los Reyes, Roger Zopfi and others at a tournament he was attending. They all quickly became friends and eventually formed a brotherhood like no other. Together they formulated the groundwork for a Unified Kempo Karate System (UKKS) that welcomes all disciplines.

The co-founder, chosen heir, and successor to Professor Laranang's UKKS, three-time Hall of fame inductee Soke Angelito “Bobby” Barongan, has been actively supporting martial arts since his youth. Soke Barongan, a native of the Philippine Islands, and the founder of Barongan Kempo, has been a student of the martial arts since 1963. Ever since the Barongan Kempo style began, it has evolved. This is the essence of the art: Adaptation and evolution while honoring the achievements of our past instructors.
Who better to lead the UKKS and IDAC than a man who has dedicated his life to making martial arts accessible to everyone?

Bobby photo.jpg
Soke Angelito (Bobby) Barongan

How Do You Become a Part of This?

The UKKS & IDAC family is made up of martial arts and artists from all over the world; Okinawa, Japan, China, India, Philippines, Korea, Hawaii, South America, the USA, and Europe. 
We are dedicated to giving all martial artists a place they can call home and look for testing and accreditation. In today's environment, instructors frequently add other disciplines to their art to make it as effective as possible against people with bad intent. Often, this can run afoul of the traditional teachings of a given system whose leadership won't sanction variations or deviations from the traditional art.
The UKKS and IDAC can test, sanction, and accredit approved courses and classes outside of your traditional teachings.
You also become "Ohana"; a member of a distinguished family of like-minded martial artists that provide support, counselling, and expertise. Each year we have a "Gathering" to test, demonstrate, award, and congregate with some of the finest martial artists in the country. Add to this, seminars and learning sessions from recognized experts in the defensive tactics fields.
Our testing boards are made up of senior and seasoned masters in many martial arts. 
Also at the Gatherings, we have all types of traditional and exotic foods!


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